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The Wild of Africa…Within Your Reach!

About us

Welcome to
Rommy Safari

We are your award-winning travel partner to Africa! Whether you are a seasoned traveler, a new explorer, or somewhere in between, Rommy Safaris will provide you the tour of your dreams. From breathtaking migrations, nocturnal safaris, luxury or rustic accommodations, we can tailor your journey to exactly fit your requirements. If you have questions, we have answers! Think of us as your personal concierge to the greatest show on earth. Feel the thunder, catch the wonder!

Rommy Safaris has served several clients in different sectors and purposes, from corporate, research work, photography safaris, tourism and project work done by several organizations (Governmental & Non-Governmental Organizations)

The vision of the founder for valued and competitive services, developed through a commitment to quality without compromises.

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Why Travel with
Rommy Safaris?

  • Our roots are in Africa. Our founder was born and raised in Tanzania.
  • In order to support our clients,  we offer 24 hour support.
  • African travel can be complex and is not a do-it-yourself destination. We will advise you on when and where to go, the best flight routes, and interesting activities.
  • You can rest assured that we will not suggest a lodge, hotel, or camp to you that we have not experienced and approved of firsthand.
  • Our guides are highly educated and go through a rigorous certification program. Not only are they experts in their field, but are friendly and eager to please. Many of our clients have stayed contact with their guides after their tour.
  • We offer value for your travel dollar. We are known for outstanding service before, during, and after you tour, and carefully consider your budget.
  • Our company is licensed and bonded.
  • Your safety and enjoyment is our first priority. We will provide pre-trip information about health precautions, visas, travel insurance, what to pack, and more